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Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)


WUE stands for Western Undergraduate Exchange. Through WUE, students in Western states may enroll to any of the participating two-year and four-year public college programs at a reduced tuition level: up to 150 percent of the institution’s regular resident tuition. New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Hawaii are only a few of the participating states.  In all cases, WUE tuition is considerably less than nonresident tuition. Find answers to many of the commonly asked questions by visiting the website-

For a link to participating WUE schools and for info on the application process click HERE

Diversity Fly-in Programs Make Campus Visits Accessible

College diversity programs that pay for high-achieving high school seniors – who are usually low-income, first-generation or students of color – to visit campus, give teens who can't afford to travel out of state for a college tour the opportunity to try the college experience.

The programs, typically called "fly-in" or multicultural programs, are two- to three-day college tours for prospective or admitted students from underrepresented backgrounds. Some schools invite all students to apply but give preference to low-income students.


US News article, Once you click on the link, scroll downwards towards the middle of the page and you will find a list of upcoming fly-in programs. Click The Link to Find a Fly in program Colleges Fly-in Programs