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Joseph Carpenter

Mr. Joseph Carpenter
  • A 10th generation Californian, Mr. Carpenter worked in the aerospace/defense industry for TRW (later purchased by Northrop Grumman) for 35 years, as a Senior Design Engineer/Engineering Scientist.  Mr. Carpenter is a recipient of four US Patent Awards, as well as multiple European and Australian Patent Awards for his work in the defense industry.  He brings a lot of industry principles and practices to his class curriculum.  Mr. Carpenter was invited to teach a Computer Aided Design (CAD) class at CAMS in 1992, by then Principal Kathy Clark.  Mr. Carpenter worked two jobs simultaneously, working part-time at CAMS and full time at Northrop Grumman, for 21 years.  He is currently in his 28th year at the school, having assumed a full-time position, following his retirement from Northrop Grumman in 2013.  Mr. Carpenter teaches The Introduction to Engineering class for the freshmen, as well as his personally developed engineering capstone curriculum, The CARPA Initiative, under the "umbrella" of the Project Lead the Way Engineering Design and Development (EDD) class. The CARPA Initiative, a discovery-based learning experience, where the students are empowered to be stewards of their project outcomes, was designed to provide students with an engineering experience as "true to life" as is possible in a classroom. This class was recently featured in a piece published by USA Today as part of a five part series on STEM education in the United States ( ).
  • In his spare time, Mr. Carps (as some of his students know him) worked for 25 years as a Sound Engineer (and composer) for a local classic rock band. In addition, Mr. Carpenter was a USA Volleyball Certified Coach for five years, having won a Junior Olympic National Championship in 2007, as a member of the coaching staff.  Over the years, Mr. Carps  enjoyed participating in many sports, including: volleyball, tennis, softball, golf and running.  These days, Mr. Carps enjoys archery, cycling, cooking and driving his "bucket list" car around with his wife and three children.
CAMS Racing Team 2015 - LB Grand Prix
CAMS Racing Team
2019 CARPA Racing Team - UCI Energy Invitational
2019 CARPA Racing Team
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Mr. Joseph Carpenter
Mr. C