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Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

All CAMS students will be effective and technologically competent communicators who read, write, listen, and speak analytically, articulately, and thoughtfully. All students will:

  • make oral presentations to demonstrate their research findings, ideas, and creations;
  • write, speak, and listen effectively in various academic and personal situations;
  • select appropriate communication modes when expressing ideas, resolving conflicts, or completing collaborative projects;
  • read/ comprehend/ appreciate a broad range of academic, literary, and artistic genres;
  • use technology for word processing, multimedia learning, analysis, and presentations.

All CAMS students will act in ways that apply collaborative skills, academic understanding, and ethical and democratic values within and beyond school. All students will:

  • apply content knowledge to their decision-making process;
  • demonstrate respect and understanding for various cultures;
  • assess their own work using rubrics and criteria;
  • apply standard democratic procedures;
  • adhere to established rules of behavior within the school community;
  • demonstrate community action through volunteer work, student clubs, or affiliations;
  • demonstrate team planning and collaborate within and across groups.

All CAMS students will be critical thinkers who combine analytical skills and content knowledge in drawing conclusions and making decisions. All CAMS students will:

  • demonstrate mastery of basic content areas in accordance with course outlines.
  • use traditional and/or multiple technologies for data collection, organization, presentation, or analysis.
  • collect, organize, and analyze qualitative and quantitative data;
  • distinguish between objective and subjective evidence;
  • apply content area skills across the academic disciplines and in everyday life situations;
  • use reading, writing, and analytical skills to effectively draw and present conclusions;
  • reflect about themselves, their learning, and their world.

All CAMS students will take the necessary steps to establish and skillfully pursue their life and career goals. All CAMS students will:

  • demonstrate proficient skills in interviewing, resumé writing, using resources, and completing applications;
  • participate in career activities that will expose them to future professions;
  • demonstrate positive study skills, self-discipline, and personal skills;
  • develop appropriate collaborative and social skills for dealing with various settings;
  • develop and initiate life goals and timetables;
  • identify practices and resources that will support academic and personal goals.