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Career Technical Education

As Freshman students will take  one course in engineering and computer science.  As sophomores students will take an entry level biotechnology course.   Juniors will be able to choose their pathway that they will complete their final years at CAMS.


Biotechnology is the study of biological components such as proteins, DNA, cells and tissues to create products and services that are beneficial to society.  These fields include but are not limited to medical, environmental, manufacturing and agriculture. Students who complete the Biotechnology emphasis will take a three course sequence of: Introduction to Biotechnology, Intermediate Biotechnology and Advanced Biotechnology.

A majority of the class content is delivered through students performing lab activities.  While a major component of Biotechnology is the life sciences,  other disciplines are highly incorporated.  Students are exposed to chemistry and physics as these fields are required to make appropriate solutions and use physical properties during the performance of experiments.  Furthermore students are required to write in lab notebooks, organize, extrapolate and graph data using a variety of mathematical and statistical analysis using spreadsheets.

Computer Science

CAMS offers students a four year course sequence of programs designed to further students interest in computer science.  Computer Science Essentials is the first course in the sequence, and uses MIT App Inventor and Python to teach fundamental concepts of computer science.  In addition, CAMS offers two AP Computer Science courses. The AP Computer Science Principles course continues to develop a broader concept of computer science while developing their programming skills in Python.  The capstone course, AP Computer Science A, focuses on computing skills related to programming in Java. In addition to these courses we also offer an elective course, Cyber-Security, wherein students learn about the fundamentals of networking, internet privacy and tools used to protect users and networks.

These courses underscore the importance of communicating solutions appropriately in ways that are relevant to current societal needs. The AP Computer Science courses help address important societal issues while broadening participation in computing.  These courses are a strong and engaging introduction to fundamental areas of the discipline.


CAMS students are offered many choices in engineering courses during their four year course sequence. Each engineering course offered is a Project Lead the Way class. All freshmen take Introduction to Design, which fulfills their art credit needed for high school graduation and earns them credit in the F category (arts) of the UC A-G requirements. All other engineering courses meet the G category (elective ) of UC A-G requirements.

CAMS is proud to be recognized as a Project Lead the Way Distinguished School.


Project Lead the Way is a national nonprofit organization that provides a transformative learning experience by offering an engaging curriculum, and empowering students to explore real-world challenges in order to develop and apply in-demand, transportable skills."

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