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......................... President's Day School Closed-Monday, 2/20/2017 .........................
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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Last night, the Board of Education approved a resolution to communicate to all families and students that the Board supports them and will do everything in its power to protect them regardless of nationality, immigration status, religion or other factors.  A copy of the resolution and a letter from the Board is attached.

Christopher Steinhauser
Superintendent of Schools




Good Afternoon CAMS Families!

We are excited to keep you in the "Loop" of events that are coming up at CAMS!

Please join us for our 5th Parent Forum today, 2/8/17 at 6:00 pm, the topic is Internships ...more

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Daily School Bulletin


Seniors: Please see Mrs. Jerzycke to give her your height and weight for cap and gown loaners for graduation.


CAMS league winning track team is signing up new members this week. We are meeting on the track everyday at 4 pm. If you want to learn how to high jump, long jump or throw a discuss or shot put this is for you. If you want to show us how fast you are, or how long you can run for, then come on down. You don't have to be good. We can teach you how to do each event. Contact coach Lewis with a text or come down to the track asap 310 408 0490


Many students are playing the bottle flipping game on campus.  While popular, this game is creating a safety concern on campus and will no longer be allowed.  The staff have removed several water bottles from the beams and awnings above the lunch tables and other walkways.  These bottles have the potential to fall on students and staff, creating a safety hazard on campus.  Students are to refrain from playing this game on campus. Students found playing this game on campus will be referred to Ms. Shipman for discipline. 


Early outs need to be requested BEFORE school with parent note including exact release time. This includes Dr./Dentist appointments.


Remember to go to the Attendance office for ALL early outs/approvals.


Please Note: College or Scholarship visits / Interviews need 2 days prior approval from the principal for the absence to be excused.


Permisos para salidas temprano de la escuela tienen que ser solicitados ANTES del comienzo de la escuela con la nota de los padres incluyendo el tiempo de liberación exacto. Esto incluye citas al Doctor /Dentista.

Recuerde que su estudiante debe ir a la oficina de asistencia para todas las salidas tempranas / aprobaciones.

Tenga En Cuenta: Visitas a la Universidad o para Becas / Entrevistas necesitan 2 días para la aprobación previa por la Directora para que la ausencia sea justificada.


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